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Things to think about when considering the problem
    When did the problem begin?
    Did you move or change anything prior to the problem?
    What happened immediately prior to the problem?
    What happened immediately following the problem?
    Did you do anything different that may be related to the problem?
    Does the problem relate to all data in affected module, or a specific data item?
    Can you recreate the problem on Demand?

Help Topics

Common Problems
    My Printer will not print my document.
    My Printer is printing garbage characters instead of my document.
    My Terminal Doesn't Work.
    My Terminal is Frozen.
    My device is not working
    The system did not perform a backup last night?
    I can not log into the network.
    I Can Not Access any of the Network Drives / Printers
    I cannot print from Windows.
    My Program Taskbar is missing.
    My taskbar moved from the bottom of the screen to the side/top of my screen.
    I can not access the icons for my programs.

Printer Related Problems
A. My Printer will not print my document.
    Is printer ready-to-print?
    Is Power on?
    Is Power indicator light on
    Is printer in On-Line/Ready Mode?

1. Is paper fed properly through printer, with no warnings flashing?

2. Is cable connected securely?
    to electric outlet?
    to printer?
    to computer?

3. Are you printing from Windows or Unix?
    If Windows, click here for more help tips.

4. What is the system printer name?

5. Can you verify that is where you were trying to print to?

6. Is it all applications that can't print to said printer, or only one? (e.g. WordPerfect not printing, filePro can, etc.)

7. Is it all users that can't print to said printer, or only one?

8. Is it all printers that are not working, or only one?

9. On the computer, in your printer status screen, is the printer enabled or disabled?
    For unix systems - use printer status options on utilities menu
    * Contact Magnatech if you do not have this option *
    For windows systems- click on Start Menu > Settings > Printers > [selected printer]

10. Is the 'scheduler' running or not?
    Check if Printer is paused (Windows Printers)
    Call Magnatech if it is not running (Unix Systems Only)

11. In your printer status screen, does the computer list a print-job currently being printed? (see #8)
    If on-line and scheduler is running, and not a problem to lost current print job, cancel print job
        Unix: Select job to cancel in utilities menu (see #8)
        Windows: Highlight print job, then Select Document > Cancel Print

12. Are you positive that data was selected for printing?

13. Can the same program print the same output to a different printer? (Does software have ability to re-route to a different printer from the menu selection?)
    What happens then (with same output/selection criteria)

14. Did any error messages flash by when printout was being 'spooled'?

15. Have you tried to power printer off/on & reprint?

16. Laser printers only - Is On-line light steady, but Data light flashing?
    If so, this indicates a form-feed problem. Manually take off line, press form-feed, then turn back on-line. Identify printout source, as program and/or print spooler interface will have to be adjusted to form-feed after printout.
    * Contact Magnatech to perform this task if you are unsure what to do. *

17. Printers using 'Long-Link' or other parallel printer line extender kits
    Are power/status lights on steady on both transmitting and receiving ends?
    Power off then on BOTH transmitting & receiving ends.

18. Serial printers only - Make sure port # (from printer status screen) is disabled (both modem and non-modem control ports)

19. Facetwin Printers / Windows Networked Printers
    Is the printer firmly connected?
    Is the computer printer connected to on?
    Is the printer shared? Has the share name changed?

20. Last Resort - System shutdown & reboot.

B. My Printer is printing garbage characters instead of my document
    Check that the printer is on and in ready/online mode
    Has anyone changed printer settings on the printer itself.
        Windows Printers - Has anyone changed the printer driver/model? - If this is the case,         remove the printer from the PC and re-add the printer using the add a printer wizard.
        Unix Printers - Are you sure that the wiring is not faulty (bad wiring will hinder data         transfer and may result in garbled printouts
    Has this printer ever worked here?
    Is this printer replacing another one that has broken?
        If this is the case, the printer model may need to be changed or the printer may need         to be configured. Contact Magnatech if you need assistance.

Terminals / Keyboard Problems
A. My Terminal Doesn't Work.
    Is Terminal Powered On? Is Brightness/Contrast ok?
    If keyboard has LED's, do they work (e.g. CAPS, NUMLOCK, Scroll-Lock)
    Are all cables connected securely? to electric outlet? to terminal? (make sure is in port     marked 'modem') to wall (terminals) / computer/terminal (keyboard)?
    Has anyone gone into the terminal's 'setup' mode?

B. My Terminal is Frozen.
    Turn Status Line on (most terminals: Ctrl & Right Arrow)
    Do you see anything like LOCK, SLOCK, AUX, BLK, PBSY?
        If so, press the last keystroke sequence before the terminal froze.
        If can't find key, or key does nothing, try Ctrl-Q. If that doesn't work power off/on,
        NOTE 1: power off/on on some terminals also generates a "BREAK" key signal.
        NOTE 2: after power off/on attempt to redraw screen with the appropriate keystroke         for that software.
        NOTE 3: try standard application exit keys - "ESCAPE" key, X, etc.
    When "ENTER / RETURN" key is hit, does cursor move at all?
    Have you tried to power terminal off/on?

If the above did not fix your problem, try these activities
    Enter Setup mode for the terminal.
    Does the terminal type match its setup values? (most cases, terminal type should read       wy60, wy150 or some variant)
    Does the terminal speed match known setup values? (speed should be either 19200 or      38400)
    Do data-bits, parity, stop bits match? (Normal values are None/8/1)
    Compare the terminal settings to a known terminal. Do they match?
    Is someone logged in currently on that terminal?
      If so, try standard log out keystrokes, otherwise have system admin log user out (either       kill processes on port or call Magnatech).
    Perform a terminal parameter reset to factory defaults.
      On Wyse terminals, power off, Hold "G" key down while power back on. Go check setup -       all default values should be restored. Correct setup as per system requirements & retest       as above.
    Can the terminal and wiring be checked with other known working devices?
      If the terminal works with a wire at a different location, then wiring at the location in       question needs to be replaced.
      If the wiring at the location in question works with a terminal from somewhere else, the       terminal in question may require servicing.

Related Power Problems
A. My device is not working?
    Is the unit turned on?
1. When you turn on device, does the device's normal power initialization occur?
    Indicator lights?
    Print-head movement (printers only)
    Beep / Flash (terminals only)
    Cooling fans spinning (PCs, Servers, Printers, Disk Drives)

2. Are your sure electrical outlet has power?
    Remove questionable device, and test outlet with some desktop item, e.g. pencil       sharpener, calculator, clock, light, etc. See if they go on. If not, end-user must report to       electronic repair personnel as electric problem.
    If duplicate device is available, test on same power outlet

3. Select what type of unit are you having trouble with:

If all else fails, contact Magnatech, or if the product is under warranty, contact the manufacturer for service.

Backup Problems / Diskette / Tape Related
A. The system did not perform a backup last night
1. Was there a tape/floppy inserted in the backup device?
2. Was the inserted media seated properly, with the door/latch closed?
3. Was everybody logged off system during backup?
    Was the write-protect tab set to off (NOT 'safe' or 'locked')?
    If Mini Cartridge - Was tape formatted first?
    If you open the tape flap, is there a strand of tape there, or has it snapped (replace       tape if snapped)?
5. Floppy Disks Only
    3.5' Floppy - Was the write-protect tab set to off
    5.25' Floppy - Was the write protect tab sticker removed?
    All Floppies - Was Floppy Formatted First?
6. Was there a previous problem with this specific media?
    If repeat problems on a specific media, reformat it, marking it as suspect. If problem       repeats itself on a suspect media twice, replace said media.
    To reformat floppy disks - 'format' command (DOS / Windows)
    To reformat a 'tape' - use tools in the windows backup software.
    For unix tapes and floppies, use menu options on utilities menu (where available).       Otherwise contact Magnatech Technical Support.
7. What were the exact error messages that indicated problem? If you are mailed the       results of your backup, what is the error level indicated in the email message?
    An error message of 1 usually means that there is no tape in the drive, if this is not the       case, the drive may be bad; a service technician should be called as soon as possible.
    An error message of 4,5 or 6 usually indicate a problem reading or writing data to the       drive. Format the tape as per the instructions above, mark the tape as having failed       once, and monitor its use.

Network Problems
A. I can not log into the network.
1. Where are you logging in from?
    If from a terminal, click here if you need additional help.
    If you are already logged into a PC and are trying to log into the server using Facetwin /       Dejawin / Anzio or any other terminal emulator, click here for more help tips.

2. Has this PC been set up for a network connection?

3. Did you enter username and password?
    Are you using your current password? Make sure the caps lock is not on.
    If using number keypad to enter numbers in username or password is the numlock key        on?
    Are there any spaces before or after the username or password?
       If you are sure that all of the above are true and you still can not log into the PC, press        Cancel at the login screen, run the Find program (Start Menu > Find > Files or Folders)        find and delete any file with the extension .pwl in the C:\Windows directory and re-try        logging in.

4. Can anyone else log into PC / Network?

5. Is network server up and running?
    if so, stop/restart TCP/IP daemons (ask your local sysadmin to do this, otherwise call       Magnatech)
    if not, there may be a problem with the network server, check here before calling tech       support.

6. Are all cables connected correctly to the PC?

7. Is the network card in the PC working?
    Look at the back of the PC where the network cable connects to the PC, most cards will        have lights that indicate that the connection is active.
    If you do not see any lights on, then the card may be blown and will need to be        replaced.

8. Can you ping the server or any other computer on the network?
    Go to dos prompt (Windows PCs) and type ping [machine IP address] ex.. ping
    If you do not know the IP address ask your local administrator or call Magnatech.

B. I Can Not Access any of the Network Drives / Printers
1. Do you have the drives mapped to connect when logging in?

2. Were you able to connect to network prior to this?
    If 'No' - Has this computer been configured for the network?
       If not, call Magnatech for help on configuring a new PC for the network.
    If 'Yes' - did you answer yes to question 'Reconnect drive at next login'
       If you answered NO, to remap drives do the following:
          1. Click on network neighborhood
          2. Click on the Unix Server (to identify the Unix Server, change the view mode to               'Detail')
          3. Right Click on the folder that is labeled PublicDir
          4. Highlight and click 'Map Network Drive'
          5. Select Drive letter that you wish to use from list - Public Directories should always               be mapped to U - Home Directories should always be mapped to V
          6. Ensure that there is a check mark in the box labeled 'Reconnect at login'
          7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for the folder labeled MyHomeDir and any other Directories on               the Network Server(s).
    If you are trying to access a network printer, is the printer set up locally (look in the        printers folder for the printer).
    If the printer is listed, click on 'Refresh' in the menu to refresh the connection.
    If not, look for the PC/Server that the printer is physically connected to, and click on the        printer that you want to use. You will be asked to install the printer on your PC, follow        the prompts for connecting.
    If the printer prints 'garbage' or does not print clearly, click here for more suggestions.

Windows Specific Problem:
A. I cannot print from Windows.
    Check to see if any jobs in print spooler ?
          1. Look on taskbar, next to time there should be a printer icon if the there are any               print jobs for that printer.
          2. Check to make sure printer is powered on and there is a ready light
          3. Check printer status by doing the following: Click start -> settings -> printers. Right               click on the printer and make sure the option pause printing or work offline is not               checked.
    Did you get message saying print spooler crashed? If yes then will need to restart        computer.

B. My Program Taskbar is missing.
    Did you enable the auto-hide feature for the taskbar?
    Did you uncheck always on top option for the taskbar ?
    Check settings in Start > Settings > Taskbar
    If both of the above are set correctly:
          1. Look for a gray line at bottom of screen - if you see a line, position cursor on line,               cursor should change to up/down arrow. Hold right mouse button and drag up until               frame of taskbar is visible.
          2. If you do not see the gray line, press the Windows Key (in between the ALT and               CTRL keys on a windows keyboard. Does the Start Menu appear? If not - reboot               the PC.

C. My taskbar moved from the bottom of the screen to the side/top of my screen.
    To fix this problem left click on an empty area on the taskbar and drag to desired        location.

D. I can not access the icons for my programs.
    Is program icon on the desktop and not responding?
          1. If yes, does icon have custom picture or a white icon w/blue top - check properties -               make sure correct target and start directory are defined - if not defined, click find               target to correct.
          2. If no, can you find the program folder in the Start Menu for your program?
                If no, program may have been removed. Use Windows Explorer to locate the                 directory that the program was installed in. If you can find it, Right click on the                 program, select 'Send to' and click on 'Desktop (create shortcut)
    If the above doesn't work, you will need to reinstall the program.

    If yes, right click on program icon, select send to and pick Desktop (as shortcut)

Note: if you have user profiles enabled, you may have a setting which controls whether different users have the same desktop or not, and if users do not share the same desktop - icons may need to be installed on each user's desktop.

    If the icon to access the unix server is missing, can you see folder called 'Unix        Applications?'
          1. If yes, follow the directions for creating a program icon as discussed in #2
          2. If no, call Magnatech tech to guide you through setup

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