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This relational database has won users and developers over with its ease of use and lightning fast idea-to-solution capability. Magnatech has been selling and supporting this solution for over 15 years. We typically support end users and programmers alike, offering assistance and enhancements at every turn.

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Current Version: 5.6.10

Prior Release Latest Versions: 5.0.15 / 4.8.12 Unix / 4.8.13 Windows

For users of pre-5.0 versions, we are currently supporting version 4.5.9 and 4.8.12+ only.

Advantages, Major Features
Year 2000 Compatibility, Indexes across non-contiguous fields, DOS/WIN Alternate key tables, wildcard field triggers, enhanced date, field & file processing verbs, external file I/O commands.
Long File Names, Long Variable Names, HTML output, Index comments, enhanced file I/O commands, indexed help files, enhanced local print support, file lookup expressions, read-only access, native Linux support, 32 bit native windows support.
Descending field indexes, hidden indexes, skip-to-end of index memo/blob/text fields, enhanced format editor, enhanced selection dialog, enhanced cursor control, financial functions, enhanced HTML commands, input defaults, enhanced debugger, improved Unix color support, improved windows printer support, minimum base product level for GUI platform. PDF brochure

PDF Brochures require Acrobat Reader.
filePro 16 Database - PDF brochure
fileProGI: fileProGI® Windows Client overly to filePro 5.0 base package - PDF Brochure
reportPro: Windows-based report writer for filePro - PDF Brochure
jPedits: standalone java applet offering real-time data normalization - PDF Brochure
fPcgi: cgi query program with a web based front-end and filePro on back-end - PDF Brochure
fPSQL: SQL command interface to access filePro data - PDF brochure
fpODBC: windows client-side ODBC interface which allows you interface directly with ODBC data sources such as Access, Oracle, Sybase, SQL server, MySQL - PDF Brochure
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