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    Magnatech has been programming in filePro for over 20 years, and has had intimate experience with every version of the product from the early profile to the latest filePro and fileProGI GUI lines.

We have a mix of customers, some of whom do their own programming and we offer the next level of support and project management when necessary, but for most we do most of the programming and system design - whether the code was originally ours or whether we are inheriting from a previous programmer or team.
Integrate filePro with cash drawers
Integrate filePro with weight scales
Integrate filePro with UPS shipping computers
Integrate filePro with bar code readers and printers
Integrate filePro with CASS (address) certification systems
Integrate filePro with hand-held computers and time clocks
Integrate filePro with EDI and credit card verification
Integrate filePro with receipt printers and validators
Print price tags, pre-printed forms and ID cards from filePro
Print Checks (including MICR ink/encoding) from filePro
Generate laser forms (replace pre-printed) from filePro
Output from filePro to e-mail, web pages, spreadsheets, graphs, and PDF
Launch Windows programs from within filePro
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